Steren Giannini

I am Steren, European of French nationality.
I am an engineer from Centrale Lyon and today Product Manager at Google in San Francisco.
Previously, I co-founded beansight, was CTO of Joshfire and helped Sketchfab.

I tweet, experiment, blog and create things:


Cloud Run

Run containers on a fully managed environment.

App Engine

Serverless application platform. Node.js runtime, new scheduler.


Product Manager for Bazel, an open source build and test tool.

Climb Tracker

Indoor climbing app for Android smartphones and watches.

Cloud Cup

Multiplayer cross device game.

Error Reporting

Google Cloud Platform solution to identify and understand application errors.

Joshfire Factory

Multi-device application platform.


3D Platform.

Paris Hackers

Organizer of Tech meetups


Cordova Android: video support and better splashscreen

Music Hack Paris picture

Music Hack Paris

Organization of a music hackathon in Paris with Google.

Hack Day Paris picture

Hack Day Paris

Organization of Hackathons in Paris.


Co-founder of a web start-up that predicts the future.

Hack Le Camping

Organization of a public hackathon at Le Camping

Color clock Wallpaper

Know the time just by looking at your wallpaper.

Cadeaux entre nous picture

Cadeaux entre nous

Secret Santa website.

SwYm picture


Development of a social platform at Dassault Systèmes: Wiki, Search and front-end widgets.

RemixThem picture


Android app to mix and remix faces from pictures.

Stroke picture


Technological research at Dassault Systèmes: Interactive painting and sculpting on 3D models.

CAPODA picture


Animated short movie.


Envelope Live Path Effect, Live Path Effects stacking and Live Path Effects for groups of shapes.

Le Chauffeur a des gants picture

Le Chauffeur a des gants

Black and white short movie.

Star Wars : Episode π picture

Star Wars : Episode π

A Star Wars fan film.

Alchemy picture


SVG export for Alchemy.

The Attack Of The Jambon Volant picture

The Attack Of The Jambon Volant

Absurd american trailer parodies

Trez in Love picture

Trez in Love

Parody of american music videos.

The Big Buddies picture

The Big Buddies

Improvisational theatre company

Drone ECLair picture

Drone ECLair

Conception and regulation of a quadrotor drone

The Holy Tupperware picture

The Holy Tupperware

TPE Energie Nucléaire picture

TPE Energie Nucléaire

Short videos and serious game around the nuclear energy.

Mobile Infantry picture

Mobile Infantry

Level Design for an Half Life modification based on the Starship Troopers universe.